The Northern Neurological Alliance was founded as a voluntary organisation in 2010 and became established as a charity and company limited by guarantee and in 2011.

We work with range of brain and spine charities, networks and forums to campaign locally and nationally for better services for people with a neurological condition. Our aim is to help people affected by all neurological conditions influence policy, service design and delivery so that they can live well with access to the support and assistance when they feel this is needed.

Neurological conditions are caused by damage to the nervous system which is made up of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscle tissue. Conditions that affect the nervous system are most commonly caused by vascular difficulties, injury, infection, loss of oxygen to the brain or as a result of illness. In a number of conditions the cause is not clearly identified although in some there may be an inherited susceptibility. Neurological conditions include stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Huntington’s disease, brain injury and epilepsy but there are many others. They can occur at any time and affect the people who have a neurological condition and their families in many different ways. You can find out more about neurological conditions in our Getting Help section.


We find out from people living with a neurological condition, both the individual and their carers, what they need to help them live well. Across the North East and Cumbria, we hear from people about the issues that affect their daily lives.


Bringing common issues together, we raise awareness about the things that are important to people, about their choices and about their care. We provide a collective voice so that all those who have a long term neurological condition including those who have suffered a brain injury or stroke, can be heard.


Working with our partners we aim to influence policy and policymakers to bring the best services to people with a neurological condition in our region. We influence policy and aim to promote the change in services needed to help people live well and to manage their condition.

You can also find out what we are up to on our blog or on Twitter and Facebook. Also, you can find out about living with a neurological condition from youtube.