Enhancing standards of home care

NNA is coming to the end of the project sponsored by the Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria.

We have set and tested standards of care and support in the home for people living with neurological conditions. Working with Gateshead Metropolitan Council and a local care provider we collected data from clients on three occasions using a tool developed by volunteers who form NNA’s Northern Neurological Voices.

Following this testing phase, NNA produced a revised tool for clients with neurological conditions  which incorporates care standards which can be used by both providers and commissioners to monitor standards of care delivered in the home.  The new tool needs further testing over the next few months.

We have also developed several case studies as templates or models for accessing and assessing care and support.  A report will be published later this year and we will present our findings to the Directors of Adult Social Care for the North East.

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