Hospital Discharge

We are seeking information on your experience of hospital discharge to home, intermediate care, independent living or a care/residential care home in the last six months. We are interested in the views of anyone affected by a neurological condition including individuals, family members or care staff.

We will use this information to inform commissioners and work with our local Healthwatch organisations. Please click on any of the responses that are applicable to you and give us more information in the comments box, such as your condition and where you are resident.


We are wanting to update our image on both Facebook and Twitter. To enable us to do this, we are seeking your opinions on what kind of image it should be.

Managing your condition

Alarming numbers of people with MS in the UK are facing a lottery when it comes to accessing the care and support they need to manage their condition.Their report indicates that, despite people in the North East having good access to services, very few are offered the means to become more independent in managing their condition.

We’d like to know whether you have been offered access to a self-management programme, which includes understanding the condition, managing appointments with specialists and GPs, life-coaching and accessing independent and public sector services.

Celia’s story for example reveals how she took control of her life from diagnosis through self-management.

Please help us find out what services you have been able to access in the North East.

Being discharged

Several patients have told us that they were discharged from hospital without rehabilitation information. We’re investigating what help is needed to make sure that people are not left without the information they need.

Changes to Welfare

There are many changes affecting people today around welfare reform. We’re trying to find out how many and in what way changes might affect someone with a long term neurological condition. Please vote on our poll and add comments below to let us know your views.

How has welfare reform affected your working life?

We’re investigating whether recent welfare reforms have affected the lives of volountary and public workers.Our new poll is aimed at those who work in health, social and voluntary care, providing support to clients and service users with long term neurological condition or brain injury.

As part of our work into highlighting areas or issues of concern related to care-giving, we’re keen to hear from people working in the voluntary and public sector to find out whether changes to service-users lives, funding and working practices have had any affect on their own lives. And if so, what those changes might be.

We would really like to hear from you if you work in the public sector and we’ve devised a very simple poll to capture your answers. We’re asking too if you could qualify your answers by leaving a comment in the reply section on the poll page. All comments can be made anonymously (names and email addresses will not be published) and comments can remain confidential.