Annie’s story

Here is Annie’s story about living with a brain tumour and how it can affect you:


  1. What led to you being diagnosed with a brain tumour?

In November 2013 I became aware of floaters in my right eye. I put it down to high blood pressure but decided to have my eye sight checked.

The optician referred me to Sunderland Eye Infirmary and I went to see a consultant ophthalmologist.  I then went for more tests.

Then I was referred for an MRI scan at Sunderland Royal Infirmary within a month of my eye test.  I was shown a scan with an enormous mass in my brain.


2.  How did you feel about the diagnosis?

Confused. I didn’t even understand I was going for surgery at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.  I remember bits and pieces, like signing the consent form but it is still all a bit of a blur.

I am pretty sure now that I was hallucinating after the operation as I tried to leave the ward without being discharged.  I was convinced I was in for taking an overdose and I heard voices all the time.


3.   What were your discharge arrangements?

I can’t be sure what they were but I was discharged into my Mum’s care. She must have had a tough time because the voices in my head kept on and on.


4.   What support did you and your Mum get

Well I know my family were around but beyond that – nothing. It was left to us to manage and pick up the pieces.  I am not sure whether that’s because my operation was in Newcastle and I live in County Durham.


5.   How are things now?

Now I know that the surgery did remove the tumour from my brain. I didn’t take in all the information at discharge so now it’s up to me to seek support and advice – and monitor changes if I am aware of them.


6.   Looking back what would have improved your experience of care?

It was a confusing and scary time and it would have been great to have peer support or meet others who had been through the same thing as me.

I found the The Brain Tumour Charity in April when my Mum met some volunteers who were collecting for the charity.  I joined their Facebook group and that led to me finding the meningioma group and I visit their page every day.  My questions are always answered by the group all of whom have been through similar experiences.

I have been to one support group hosted by The Brain Tumour Charity but getting there isn’t easy as it takes 2.5 hours on buses and it tires me out.

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  1. Alastair White

    Headway Co Durham meet at South Pelaw every forth Wednesday of the month – please click link below for their website – I am sure Annie will be made most welcome.


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