Getting support at work

Returning to work after a diagnosis can be very stressful for some. A woman with MS stated that she eventually managed returned to work but only after some disagreement with her employer’s Occupational Health (OH) team who did not understand her condition. It took her some time to get the Access to Work team at the local authority to speak to her employers’ OH department. She would have benefited from support in a structured return to work with guidance and advice for the OH team from people expert in neurological conditions, but in the end felt she had to arrange things herself including the employer’s agreement to her having fatigue breaks.

Another MS patient commented that because he wasn’t on benefits he was not supported with Access to Work when he was ready to return. If you qualify for the scheme you can be provided with grants for transport and equipment as well as for practical support to help you do your job. It’s for people with a disability, health or mental health condition. His employer did not understand the condition and the impact this had on levels of fatigue in particular. He wasn’t able to access the scheme for practical assistance and his work load remained at the same level as it had been before his diagnosis. He took early retirement.

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