Brain Tumours – by Anna Swabey

Earlier this year, NNA came across the blog poster by Anna and detailed later in this article. This stimulated our decision to schedule brain tumours as our lead “Living with …” article this summer. Thanks to Anna for sharing this … Continued

Profile of someone with epilepsy

A was diagnosed with dyspraxia as an adult and later with sleep apnoea.  His first epileptic seizure took place when he was in his mid-50s; by this he means that he was seen by a consultant and his description of … Continued

Annie’s story

Here is Annie’s story about living with a brain tumour and how it can affect you:   What led to you being diagnosed with a brain tumour? In November 2013 I became aware of floaters in my right eye. I … Continued

Getting support at work

Returning to work after a diagnosis can be very stressful for some. A woman with MS stated that she eventually managed returned to work but only after some disagreement with her employer’s Occupational Health (OH) team who did not understand … Continued

Being discharged

Several patients were discharged without rehabilitation information. One person with Parkinson’s was told by a friend about Walkergate Park but then found that Walkergate Park didn’t deal with Parkinson’s according to their GP. In the end she used NNA website … Continued